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Why Love of Dogs and Cats Organic Treats?

Now you can give local Canadian, organic dog, cat or bunny treats in a resealable pouch that is certified compostable packaging sustainably to your pets! 

Did you know that only 10% of recycling in Canada actually gets recycled? That's why we chose compostable packaging for you and your pets!

We at Love of Dogs and Cats (and bunnies) are the first Canadian, Organic Hemp Seed Oil infused Dog and Bunny Treats in Canada since 2010!

What is so great about Organic Hemp Seed Oil?

Organic hemp seed oil is a wonderful plant-based/vegan oil. It is an excellent alternative source of unsaturated essential fatty acids (EFAs)! Great for the skin barrier, cognition, digestion, and overall well-being of your pet.

Organic hemp seed oil contains 75-80% of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as ALA (plant-based source of Omega 3), LA (omega 6), GLA (omega 9), SDA (high potency omega 3 fatty acid compared to ALA). Compared to other plant oils, organic hemp seed oil may help prevent cells from aging or from developing cancer (it has a high phenolic content), able to fight free radicals that damage cells (has a great antioxidant profile) and it contains minerals too.

Considered to be the most unique, richest, and most balanced and sustainable source of EFAs of them all with a 3:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3. Hemp seed oil has been known to reduce inflammation (GLA) - may enhance mobility, support healthy integument (hair and skin), may help restore and balance the gut flora (in combination with the fibre from our added organic chia seeds in our 5-in-1 Pro Line Deluxe Organic Gourmet dog treats) to help build a stronger immune system for your lovely dogs! 5-in-1 Pro Line Organic Dog Treats are 100% Vegan & excellent for digestion, immunity, joints, skin, for those dogs with allergies. Love of Dogs' Sea Snacks or Love of Cats' Feline Good Cat Treats bring to you and your dogs or cats another source of omega 3 fatty acids, EPA  and DHA.

We are only planning on expanding our nutritious and delicious organic pets treats in Canada and beyond! Our expansion will only benefit more fur babies to maintain happier and healthier lives!

Love of Dogs and Cats, LOVES YOU MORE!